Thirstin Howl the Third – “Public Enemy” f. Master Fuol (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 27, 2017

With his 30-somethingth album, Skillmatic due out next month, Thirstin Howl the 3rd and The Lyricist Lounge Show alumnus Master Fuol return with a video for the single “Public Enemy.”

The veteran Brooklyn rapper and Lo-Life founder — who is a huge fan of Public Enemy — explained the song’s inspiration to Mass Appeal:

I’m a PE fan forever, you know what I mean? I’m inspired. They got some of the greatest production sounds ever. Original—you know? They shit was so creative. So, I had got that track from Domingo. And you know one day me and Fuol was sitting there just going through tracks and we was like “Yo, we should do a song like we Public Enemy.” Cause people always sort of compared us to them before. You know, performances and everything. Cause of the contrast of, you know, his character and mine. But yo, we shot the video for that. That shit bananas.

Watch the video up top and pre-order Skillmatic here.