Joyner Lucas Remixes Future’s “Mask Off”

blame it on JES7 May 28, 2017

As he applies the final touches to his upcoming album, 508-507-2209 (aka The 508 Project), Joyner Lucas decides to have a little fun, self-assuredly adding his own flavor to Future’s viral single “Mask Off.”

The remix is quite a departure from his video release for “Just Like You,” which took on a more serious tone, exploring the need for more positive role models in our youth’s lives.

On “Mask On,” the Massachusetts emcee is in go-mode, shunning sucker rappers and leaving them on the curb for trash day:

“I’m bout to grab n*ggas by the throat / I’m bout to crash Lil Yachty’s boat / I’m bout to drag n*ggas by the coat / Take out your trash, sit it by the door / Shit, I got the Mask On me, I’m bout to go / I hate when n*ggas act funny when I’m alone / And try to give daps to me and tip their hats to me / And they act gully when they at home,” and taking a quick pop-shot at Logic (“And don’t you compare me to Logic / Go listen to Sriracha…”) before signing off with the following message:

Listen below and check back on June 16th (which is also 2 Pac‘s born day) for the release of 508-507-2209.