Flying Lotus’ ‘Kuso’ Film To Get Released Online Next Month

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 6, 2017

Flying Lotus premiered a movie called Kuso at Sundance earlier this year. It’s an incredibly grotesque movie, as revealed in the trailer, and it caused “mass walkouts” at the festival in addition to being called “the grossest movie ever made.”

But hey, art is art and art deserves to be seen, no matter how stomach churning it may be, and now you’ll have the opportunity to see Kuso in full.

Shudder, a streaming service that hosts mainly horror movies, picked up the film and will handle distribution in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. They will release the film online July 21, in addition to having a limited release in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, according to Pitchfork. You’ll also be able to buy the movie on iTunes and Amazon. Netflix reportedly didn’t offer any money to gain the rights to the film

The movie stars Anders Holm, Zack Fox, Hannibal Buress, Thundercat, Tim Heidecker, Busdriver, George Clinton and plenty more of notable faces.

FlyLo says Kuso will see a “big ol physical release” later this year.