LeBron James & Kevin Durant Have A Rap Song Together. Because, Why Not

blame it on Meka June 6, 2017

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are currently embroiled in their second NBA Finals against each other, but in 2011 the rivals were proverbial idols of each other.

Recently, ESPN — owners of this fantastic Jalen Rose/Kobe Bryant commercialreported that the two NBA stars recorded a “secret” rap song together during the League’s 2011 lockout.

League sources informed ESPN that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors superstars collaborated on the track during the lockout in 2011 while Durant, then a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, was visiting James, who had joined the Miami Heat, for workouts in Akron, Ohio.”

Sounds crazy, but then it would be remiss to forget that both Kevin and LeBron have rapped before…

Kevin Durant’s “Wired,” with Privaledge

LeBron James’ “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt Freestyle”

Also, earlier this year Dave East revealed that KD helped kick-start his own rap career, also back in 2011.

He was like, “Yo, that’s you rapping? That’s crazy,’” Dave recalls. “He was like, ‘I got a studio in the crib. Whenever you free and you wanna come out here, I’ll make sure you get out here.’ I was like, I’m free right now.”

(And like that, East was on a plane to OKC, where he stayed with Durant for a week and a half to record his 2011 mixtape American Greed.)

Now, an employee at Spider Studios — the Ohio studios where LeBron and Kevin worked out during the lockout — unveiled a snippet of their song.

While KD sounds like he could be nimble on the microphone, it’s obvious that LeBron is staring dead straight into his phone while reciting his bars. Spider Studios says they will release the full song if the original tweet received a million retweets (and, seeing as how the new world record for retweets was made over some Wendy’s chicken nuggets, it’s a possibility that that could happen); hopefully, this just stays in the vaults.


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