Rappers Doing Good: Bryson Tiller Restores Basketball Court In Louisville

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 7, 2017

Rappers are good, rappers do good, and they do good often. And we like to highlight when they do good.

Bryson Tiller has teamed up with NIKE to restore a basketball court in Wyandotte Park in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. The renovated courts were unveiled during a ceremony Wednesday morning.

“The colorful modern court surface was rubberized and new goal posts and fiberglass backboards were added to make the outdoor courts among the finest in the region,” WLKY, a local CBS affiliate, reported on scene today during the ceremony. There’s a 502 emblem in the middle of the center court, too, repping the city’s area code.

The courts are also lined with the phrase “It’s Possible Here,” which Tiller— who just surprise-dropped his True To Self album — says he often saw at the airport when flying back into Louisville when recording his first album.

“I remember my first time seeing it,” Tiller recollected in a press email. “I was working on my debut album, and I just thought, ‘Wow, it is possible here.’ Everybody always thinks you have to move out of the city and go where the music industry is, but it’s possible in Louisville, and it’s possible anywhere. You just have to believe.”

Tiller will cap off the night with a sold-out concert in Louisville.

Keep doing good, rappers.