T.Y.E. Has “One Big Anxiety Attack” On New Album, ’32’

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 7, 2017

We live in a time where the lines between rapping and singing have never been so blurred, and yet, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone quite like T.Y.E.

Trained as an opera singer Abilene Christian University in Texas, the Dallas native later left school after being diagnosed as bipolar. He also tried to commit suicide in 2015.

His mental health is a topic he’s as upfront with, and that’s evident on “Unusual” — a single from his new album, 32. “Some people call me peculiar, some people call me deranged,” he sings, but he twists it into a positive. He’s understanding being viewed as different helps set him apart as a unique individual.

T.Y.E. described 32 as “one big anxiety attack.” At 10 tracks, he expresses the volatile emotions through singing, of course, but he’s also a talented and emotional rapper, showing incredible range and control of his delivery.

“[32] is about my pursuit of love and happiness while dealing with mental health and environmental distractions that leave me vulnerable to depression,” T.Y.E. told The FADER. “It’s about lies, misguided opinions from loved ones, and a slight sex addiction that triggers unwanted, unhealthy stress. All of it leaves me alienated from my peers and loved ones — exacerbating my suicidal tendencies and ultimately driving me deeper into bi-polar depression. Ironically, the only thing keeping me from giving in to suicide is the thing that drives me towards suicide in the first place: the pursuit of love and happiness.”

Stream 32 below. It’s not officially out until Friday, but you can cop the album on Bandcamp.