Charlotte Dos Santos – “Good Sign”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 9, 2017

The weather’s oddly nice here in Atlanta. It’s 80, sunny, there’s low humidity, and there’s a breeze. I haven’t been here for a summer yet, but I’m going to guess a day this “cool” or low in humidity on June 9 isn’t all that normal. Maybe it’s not odd. But coming from the swamps of Florida, the last “decent” day outside usually comes in late April. It’s typically hell from then until December.

Songs often fit a specific mood or weather, and so is the case with Charlotte Dos Santos‘ “Good Sign,” a song that fits today perfectly. Driven by soul, “Good Sign” depicts blossoming meadows and requited love with an easygoing charm.

“Good Sign” will land on her Cleo EP, out later in June via Fresh Selects, along with “Red Clay.” Listen to the single below.