CashUs King & Yamin Semali Form KING YAMIN Movement

blame it on JES7 June 11, 2017

Despite still being on the run and “wanted for killin’ MCs” after delivering roughneck rhymes on “Good Riddance,” CashUs King, formerly known as Co$$, has recently formed an alliance with Atlanta’s Yamin Semali under the name KING YAMIN.

As CashUs explains, “KING YAMIN isn’t a rap group, nor a song or an album. KING YAMIN is a movement.” For their first offering, KING YAMIN are making it their mission to uplift and inspire the disadvantaged, with a goal of liberating “the chained minds and shackled perspectives” of those with “enslaved mentalities.”

KING YAMIN doesn’t represent black culture, rap culture, street culture, muslim culture, or agnostic culture….KING YAMIN represents human culture

Listen to the new track below.