blame it on Patrick Glynn June 21, 2017

JAYLIEN‘s love life is up in arms. His last release, “Lucky Guy,” saw jealousy from the St. Louis native’s side of a cheating relationship, where he wanted to be with a woman who was with another man — that man being the lucky guy because he gets the first

Now, after an argument that made no sense with his girl got out of hand, he hit the studio and made “Trust” — a song about her inability to him or anybody else. The song flips XXYYXX‘s song “Red,” one of the few songs the producer has released over the last half-decade.

“‘Trust’ was inspired from a heated conversation I had with my woman while I was in the studio,” JAYLIEN said in a press email. She told me she could never trust me, but her reasons didn’t make any sense and just frustrated me. So with those emotions, I cut my phone off, pulled up this track from XXYYXX that I had saved in my back pocket and the words just poured out. … When I originally heard ‘Red,’ I fell in love. I knew that I needed the right song for it, so once I had that argument it sparked everything. I pulled up the beat and was done in 30 minutes.”

Listen to “Trust” below.