Anderson .Paak Joins Kintaro (Thundercat’s Brother) On “Mk”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 22, 2017

Kintaro isn’t this artist’s government name, it’s Jameel Bruner — the youngest of three Bruners, two whom you may have heard before. Ronald Bruner Jr. released his Triumph album in March, and oldest brother Stephen Bruner — whom most know as Thundercat — shared his album, Drunk, just a couple weeks before that.

It’s Jameel’s turn to drop a project now. His Universal EP was released this week, and featured a contribution from Anderson .Paak. The song — “Mk” — reminds me of this Wale line: “I’m blowing up like bitches I went to school with.” Basically, .Paak and Kintaro tells stories of running into girls they used to know in school but who they don’t care to mess with because of either: a) how much they’ve changed or b) they don’t deserve them now that they’ve glowed up.

“Kintaro pieced together the Universal EP himself, adding recording, mixing, and mastering duties,” the description of the album on SoundCloud says. “Trap, R&B, hip-hop, grime, soul, and many other worlds find an arena to coalesce, centered around Kintaro’s unique lyricism and singing.”

Stream both the song and the five-track EP below.