Cobaine Ivory Delivers ‘art II’ Mix For Your Next Creative Session

blame it on JES7 June 24, 2017

Known for contributing his original compositions to companies such as SONY Pictures, Ubisoft and Victoria Secrets, Cobaine Ivory of CharlieRED fame, who recently returned from a trip to Kiev, Ukraine, picked up a jolt of inspiration while viewing some of his favorite paintings; linking the visual form of art with music.

Cobaine expressed a philosophical question: “What if a painting was heard, not just seen? What if a composer described music as a painter describes their art?,” and decided to explore that very notion with his new “art II” project.

Throughout the 14-minute-long mix, the atmosphere of the music cycles through various states of moods and emotions, with each song reflecting a different piece of art (see below for timestamps), including Wangechi Mutu’s “Untitled (Forensic Forms),” Shepard Fairey’s iconic “Rose Soldier” and Gustav Klimt’s “Hyigeia.”

The project’s artwork was designed by Polish artist Zbiok, which he stumbled upon while checking out a wall mural on the aforementioned trip to Ukraine

“Untitled (Forensic Forms)” [art by Wangechi Mutu] (-1:33)
“Rose Soldier” [art by Shepard Fairey] (1:33-2:16)
“Untitled from Rapture” [art by Shirin Neshat] (2:16-4:51)
“Check Check Boing Boing” [art by Kenny Scharf] (4:51-6:56)
“The Elephants” [art by Salvador Dali] (6:56-8:12)
“Dr. Gatch – Pinkie Edwards” [art by Diane Arbus] (8:12-10:28)
“Llibertat” [art by Antoni Tàpies] (10:28-12:22)
“Justine & the Victorian Punks Visual Art Band” [art by Colette] (12:22-13:58)
“Hygeia” [art by Gustav Klimt] (13:58-)