Moses Sumney – “Doomed”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 27, 2017

The ever-talented Moses Sumney returns with a new song, “Doomed” — his first release on his new label, Jagjaguwar. (Helluva name, right?)

As it often does throughout his catalog, Sumney’s voice shines on “Doomed.” It’s paired with layered synthesizers as he sings, worried, “am I doomed?” often throughout the song. For the video, he signs submerged in a bubble of water, either on life support or just beginning life, pending your levels of optimism. Either way, his conscious is wavered. “Cry to me so I can see if I’m doomed,” he hums as the song fades and the camera pans out to reveal he’s just one of many in his predicament.

Watch the video below.