Sylvan LaCue – “Guilt Trip”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 28, 2017

Moving on from his return to triumph, Far From Familiar, released last year, Sylvan LaCue is gearing up to independently drop another album, Apologies In Advance. He’s pushed the project with new songs “Best Me” and “Grateful” and now shares the third single, “Guilt Trip,” with a new video.

Where the first two singles had a positive spin on the trials LaCue went through to get where he’s at, “Guilt Trip” takes a more grave look at what he’s done, looking at his life front-to-back and discussing it with God.

“‘Guilt Trip” in its entirety is about experiencing confusion about the negative emotions I feel towards my own habits and desires,” LaCue said in a press email. “The first half details the conflict and my conversations with God, while the 2nd half details more of my past experiences that lead me to feeling this way.”

Watch the video, directed by Jonathan Benavente, below.