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Wasiu Shares Jay-Z-Inspired “44 Four’s”

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 28, 2017

Fresh off releasing his Snow Mexican project, Wasiu returns with new music in the form of “44 Four’s.” If you connected the dots in the headline, the song is in honor of Jay-Z‘s upcoming album, 4:44, and one of Jay’s most impressive and noteworthy lyrical feats, “22 Two’s.”

On this song, Wasiu, pumps the song into double time, spitting a variation of four (or for, or fourth, or fourty, etc.) in, wouldn’t you know it, a two minutes and 22 seconds.

“I recorded this back in February with no intention of really releasing it,” the Montreal rapper said in an email. “22 Two’s is one of my favorite Jay Z songs, and I wanted to do my own rendition of his concept, but with the number 4 instead. The universe works in mysterious ways, the mathematics are lined up crazy… He’s dropping this 4:44 album, and I figured it would be perfect timing to release this song as homage to him.”

Listen to “44 Four’s,” produced by Jamvvis, below.