Saturday Night Sexy: Amara La Negra

blame it on 2DBZ July 1, 2017

Afro-Latina model/singer Amara La Negra lands on the front page four our latest installment of our Saturday Night Sexy series.

Outside of modeling, the Miami-born Dominican is also known for her music, including her latest reggaeton-flavored single “Se Que Soy (I Know It).”

The 25-26 year old is attempting to break the racial stereotypes of Dominican Republic-Haiti relations, explaining to Vibe:

One of the reasons I’m so rebellious and I wear my hair from my head attached to my body, is because for many years I was told this bulls–t lie that in order to be beautiful, I had to have straight hair, because my hair was too ‘unmanageable’,” she explains. “Hello! I’m black. Yes, I’m going to have nappy and kinky hair. But that’s part of what makes me beautiful. And it took me years to know and realize that. I’m straightening and burning my hair for what? To please who?

Check out a few photos of Amara below and follow her on Instagram.