Prodigy Mural Defaced Day After Completion

blame it on JES7 July 8, 2017

What a sad fucking world we live in.

Barely a day since artists Eli Lazare and Jeff Henriquez — collectively known as Eli-Eoserected a mural on the corner of 13th Street and 40th Avenue, honoring Queensbridge/rap legend Prodigy (who sadly passed away last month) the beautifully crafted masterpiece set up across the Queensbridge housing projects has been defaced by a bunch of anonymous assholes.

The incident reportedly happened overnight, with residents waking up to see the destruction. A large portion of the mural was covered in splashes of white paint. According to a video report (see below), the perpetrators even had “the audacity” to leave the cans of white paint evidence on the sidewalks.

As shitty as this is, there are upsides to this: [1] those cans left behind could lead to the suspects who decided to destroy the mural and [2] in the same video below, it looks like the process to clean it up has already started, with what looks like some of the original artists touching it up.

Photographer Raphael Gonzalez, who was there during the process of the making-of-the-mural also shared the a photo of the disfigurement.

Hopefully those who are responsible are brought to justice.