Wiz Khalifa Had The Most-Viewed YouTube Video Ever For About 10 Minutes

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 11, 2017

Since 2012, the “Gangnam Style” music video has been the most-viewed video on YouTube, setting records like becoming the first video to hit one billion views and (in my best Stephen A. Smith voice) massive numerical stats of that nature. But now, after reigning over the YouTube world for five years, it’s been passed by a Wiz Khalifa video. Yes, a video from Mr. Taylor Gang Over Everything himself.

I started writing those last two sentences, that have since been crossed out, because I saw a bunch of other sites posting headlines that said Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” — one of the most-streamed songs ever, thanks in part to its emotional connection to the Furious 7 plot with the late Paul Walker — had passed “Gangnam Style,” the catcy K-pop record by Psy, as the most-viewed video ever. I thought that with all the new mentions of “Gangnam Style,” that there’d eventually be a headline in a couple days that read, “‘Gangnam Style’ Once Again The Most-Viewed Video On YouTube.” But we didn’t even have to wait a couple days.

As I was looking up the numbers on YouTube, I realized that, since it was first recognized that “See You Again” had taken over “Gangnam Style” once again was viewed more. Here are the numbers as of 1:46 p.m. EST:

The video for “See You Again” has about 200,000 less views than “Gangnam Style.” And what does all of this mean? Not a damn thing. The two will probably go back and forth over the next couple days as people read stories about the videos and watch them both. But one thing is for sure: Wiz Khalifa and Psy have probably raked in millions of dollars worth of ad revenue from these videos alone. They thank you for watching their videos.

Carry on with your day.