Ty Dolla $ign Says ‘Free TC’ Album Caused Brother Problems In Prison

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 12, 2017

Ty Dolla $ign released an album in 2015 called Free TC, created and sold in effort to help fund a better legal team for his brother, who was allegedly wrongly convicted of murder and is serving life in prison.

Big TC was featured on one of the Free TC songs, “Miracle / Wherever,” as well as songs like “No Justice” on Ty Dolla’s Campaign and “Thank God” on YG’s My Krazy Life. In a new interview, though, Ty Dolla said these features have caused his brother problems in prison.

“After Free TC, he just got hella attention and something happened where it got back to them and he ended up getting locked in the hole for a long-ass time,” Ty told The Guardian, who he was talking to about his next project. “So right now there isn’t a song on Beach House 3 with him.”

Big TC recorded his handful of features from prison phones, and they were shipped out to get placed on the albums, which apparently caused problems with the prison staff.

As for Beach House 3, Ty Dolla said the project is an album — not another mixtape in the Beach House series. “Beach House 3 is Beach House the album,” he said. “So it is an album – not a mixtape. Mixtapes are dead, by the way. People don’t even have CD players anymore.”

Beach House 3 doesn’t have a release date yet.