Supastition Channels Ghostface Killah-Level Story Telling Talents On “Thanks, Ghost”

blame it on JES7 July 15, 2017

Out of the thousands hundreds-of-thousands of rappers whom permeate the game, there are only a handful who are considered some of the culture’s greatest story tellers. Among the very short list of well-known names are Outkast, Slick Rick, Biggie, JAY-Z, Scarface, Nas, Kool G Rap and of course, the illustrious Ghostface Killah.

Songs like “Run” and “The Hilton” immediately come to mind, although I’m sure someone out there has documented a comprehensive list of some of his best.

North Carolina’s Supastition is one emcee who acknowledges GFK’s supreme ability to unravel a sensible narrative, complete with a plethora of the Wu-Tang emcee’s poetic witticisms and observations.

Last appearing at the Dopehouse on Jake Kost‘s “The Kost of Reked Supras,” Supa returns with an homage to GFK on “Thanks, Ghost.”

Over a flipped sample of Wendy Rene‘s “After Laughter” (made popular by the Wu’s “Tearz”), Supastition unloads a few chapters of his own life stories, while ironically listening to Ghost.

Listen to the dirty, clean and instrumental versions of the song below and check back for more as the North Carolinian continues his monthly Solitaire series, “where [he] handles all of the writing, recording, production, and graphic design for each single.”