Chicago’s Phoelix Drops ‘GSPL’ EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 18, 2017

Chicago multi-talent Phoelix started to branch out on his own solo career with songs like “Sirens” and “Romans 7:21” after producing for the likes of Noname (Telefone) and Saba (Bucket List Project).

He’s now developed his first debut project, GSPL, phonetically pronounces “gospel.” It’s a seven-track, lush project digging into his feelings over the last year. Phoelix told a story of how the project got started (a year ago yesterday), which is rooted in a rocky relationship with his father:

“My dad and I have a history of conflict and him just being trash to my mom. But on my birthday last year, he called me and was like, ‘Hey, you wanna go to the Virgin Islands in July?’ And the date we went was the July 17, 2016. So when we got down there, I realized that he wasn’t trying to just spend time with me and potentially reconcile our relationship. We ended up a part of this church missions trip. So naturally I was infuriated and with no other outlet I made ‘Red Beans & Rice’ in the Virgin Islands. That day was the start of this project and to drop it on this date just makes it a complete year of my life that I can release.”

“Heartless Sonata” is an interesting take on Kanye West’s “Heartless,” and if you need an in, I’d start there. Phoelix is unique.

Stream GSLP below.