The Faze Channels “The Black Slim Shady” Over Vintage GZA

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 19, 2017

California rapper The Faze released a cover album full of reinterpretations of songs from GZA‘s Liquid Swords earlier this year. He took the RZA production and updated with personal and current lyrics, and “The Black Slim Shady” is the simplest piece of evidence to imagine what The Faze had in mind.

“The Black Slim Shady” takes on the persona of one of his biggest influences, Eminem, and raps about what he think Slim Shady (at the level of fame and shock value he had back in 1999) would rap about today over GZA’s “Duel Of The Iron Mic.” The video sees the rapper taking influence from Eminem videos like “Without Me” and “Cleaning Out My Closet,” too.

“‘The Black Slim Shady’ is 100% the Slim Shady character just from my perspective,” The Faze said in a press email. “It’s probably the track I had the most fun making while creating the Liquid Swords project. With Eminem being my biggest influence I wanted to capture what the Slim Shady character would have to say in 2017. Even though we love this character for being funny and controversial, there was a social message in the art as well that was always overlooked due to the color of the content. So that’s where the ISIS reference stems from, as well as the skit in the middle of the song where me and the homie Rome shoot up a Trump rally.”

Watch “The Black Slim Shady” video below, and jump below that to take a listen to The Faze’s full Liquid Swords cover album.