Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight Hang With Pro Era & Flatbush Zombies In “All Night” Video

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 24, 2017

Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight released their joint Nyck @ Knight project last week. After giving the first single and first song on the album’s tracklist, “Off The Wall,” a video, the Pro Era members jump to the next song on the tracklist — “All Night” — for the next video.

The visuals are fast-paced like the song, as Nyck and Kirk pull out the pedestal for their squad, which includes everyone from Pro Era to Zombie Juice from Flatbush Zombies to the dude who runs the Chinese take out spot they filmed part of the video at.

The director of the video, Bryan Schlam, told a story in the opening credits about how there were so many people smoking during the party scenes he was shooting, he got high for the first time while directing and working. There’s a first time for everything. Check out what the finished product looked like below.