Nolan The Ninja Practices “Modesty” With Quelle Chris & Denmark Vessey

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 26, 2017

Detroit emcee Nolan The Ninja stops by the DopeHouse today with a whipping new single called “Modesty” full of diverse flows an cadences, thanks in part to guests Quelle Chris and Denmark Vessey.

Landing in at 3:13 (representing the Detroit area code, conveniently pointed out by Nolan on Twitter), Vessey provides the production for “Modesty.” You couldn’t tell from the energy the three artists bring that the song is all about being humble — kind of in a way Kendrick Lamar’s tune from earlier this year was. There’s so much confidence and knowledge surrounding Nolan, Chris and Vessey, the can bend corners around their competition. There’s enough modesty going around, though, to put the competition down easy.

Listen to “Modesty,” landing on Nolan’s YEN project out September 22, below.