21 Savage & Rob Markman Make A Knife; Talk Debut Album, Meaning Behind Knife Tattoo & More

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 27, 2017

21 Savage has a pretty identifiable tattoo right between his eyes. It’s a knife (a dagger, really), the tip of it pointing right down to his nose. The tattoo became somewhat of a meme, as things naturally do nowadays, but there’s a deeper meaning behind it: him and his brother saw a similar tattoo in Scarface, and the plan was to get a matching one on their right hands. His brother switched it up and got his on his face instead. 21’s little brother was eventually killed, so as somewhat of a memorial to him, the Atlanta rapper got his on his face, too.

Genius’s Rob Markman often sits down with artists in intimate one-on-one settings to talk life, but he switched it up this time, inviting 21 Savage to a blacksmith in Los Angeles to make a knife.

With help from Tony — of Sword and the Stone — 21 and Markman made their own knives, all while discussing 21’s debut album, ISSA, his relationships with Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin, growing up in Atlanta and more.