Inglewood’s Natia Drops ’10K Hours’ LP

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 31, 2017

Natia is a rapper from Inglewood, Calif. And as one famous Los Angeles artist once said, Inglewood is always up to no good. It’s not always by choice, though, but rather a circumstance of one’s situation. Natia’s new album, 10K Hours, takes a deep dive into his environment.

“I was sleeping on the streets, I was homeless/Fucking with a bitch that got ass, face, but no tits,” he raps on “Brain Damagers,” opening up about his life living with peculiar ease. But bars like that seem to sum up Natia pretty well over the first listen of the 13-track album.

He’s unreserved about his unfortunate circumstances in life so far, but he’s equally hopeful for the future, not particularly because life’s getting better, but because he’s always made a better situation than what he was handed. He raps, “The world full of shit, but I ignore the smell/when I got dealt shitty cards, I still walked away with all the wealth,” on “Optimism,” and there’s something to learn from that.

Stream 10K Hours below, and cop the album on Bandcamp.