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Alchemist & The Drum Broker Release ‘Secret Sauce’ Drum Kit

blame it on JES7 July 31, 2017

For nearly a decade now, there have been numerous bootleg Alchemist drum kits floating around the internets — none which have been directly associated with the veteran producer. As ALC states, “They probably just snipped a few open snares and kicks here and there.”

Now sick and tired of bootleggers making a quick buck off his name, ALC (fresh off releasing The Good Book Vol.
with Budgie) has decided to link up with Alkota the Drum Broker for an authentic drum kit, dubbed Secret Sauce.

“Recently my man DJ Skizz and Marco Polo came though the lab and Marco gave me the idea to do an official drum kit and go back to the old beats from the ASR-10 that people might recognize and give them drum patterns and sounds from the classics,” ALC revealed.

In order to give up-and-coming producers and fans a unique ALC sound and experience, the former The Whooliganz rapper dug into his old “ASR-10 disks, solo’ed the drums, recorded 4 bars, then solo’ed each drum sound.”

Drums found in the kit are pulled directly from the masters of the following songs:

“Tick Tock,” “Different Worlds,” “Mobb N*ggaz,” “Air It Out,” “For The Record,” “Desire,” “Living The Life,” “NB,” “Latin Thug,” “Of Rhymes,” “Stuck To You,” “Crushed Linen,” “Luce,” “Worst to Worst,” “Lose Ya Life,” “Pointer,” “Neighborhood Watch,” “On Stage,” “Definition,” “Craze,” “Essence,” “Professional,” “D Elite,” “Feel Me,” and “Still Feel Me.” Plus a bonus folder of sounds from Alchemist’s personal drum stash & ASR-10 including kicks, snares, hats, & FX.

Check out a behind-the-scenes of Alchemist creating the kit and purchase Secret Sauce here.