André 3000: “I Don’t Want To Be Rapping In My 50s”

blame it on Meka August 1, 2017

André 3000 is the focal point of a new interview from Complex, released today (August 1st). However, the focal point on the interview is not about his music career; instead, it centers around his position as Creative Director for Swedish footwear brand Tretorn.

However, not everything is about the sneaker and apparel line. He does delve a bit in music, and—for those that know 3 Stacks at this point—what he says isn’t exactly ideal for those still waiting on either a solo or OutKast album.

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“Rapping is like being a boxer,” André continued. “No matter how great you are or were at a certain time, the older you get, the slower you get—I don’t care who you are. And I can feel that coming on. There’s always a new wave of artists, and sometimes I’m just like, ‘I’m good. I’ll let the young guys do it.’ And whenever they reach out and say, ‘Hey, let’s try something,’ I’m with helping them. I’m doing it more for them than for my own self. I don’t get much happiness from doing music like that—I get happiness from pleasing who I’m working with, and helping them, and seeing them be excited.”

From there, he offered some nice words for the likes of Frank Ocean, Travis Scott and Young Thug.

“He’s exciting,” André says of Thug. “There’s no box. He’s all over the place. To do those things he does, you have to have big f**kin’ balls. It’s almost harder than the guy who’s portraying hard, you know? It’s kind of mind-f**king people. It’s saying, don’t get too comfortable with me. That’s one of my mottos: Don’t let people get too comfortable with what you’re doing.”

To wit: he’s not opposed to doing music, but don’t expect an album.