Lil Yachty – “Forever Young” f. Diplo (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 4, 2017

There’s an obvious youthful energy surround Lil Yachty at all times. The self-proclaimed King of the Teens put out an album called Teenage Emotions, and he often really doesn’t care what anyone much older than him thinks about him or his friends. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out he carries the youthfulness into his later life, which is pretty much the basis of his song (and every other song called) “Forever Young.”

In the video for the Diplo-produced effort, Yachty does things that any young kid in love might do on a date: go to the amusement park to race go-karts, ride water slides, and ride those rides that just go in a circle. You know, innocent shit.

Watch the video, directed by Alex Lill, below.