Gorillaz & Peven Everett Cut It Up On Dance Floor In “Strobelite” Video

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 7, 2017

Gorillaz‘s Humanz starts off with back-to-back bangers. After the Vince Staples-featuring “Ascension” comes “Strobelite,” the ultimate party anthem amongst the Gorillaz’s album made for the end of the world. Those partying may care, but not while they’re in the club, and not while “Strobelite” is playing

A video for the song has now been released. It sees the 2D and Noodle from the virtual band cutting it up on the dance floor (Murdoc was up to no good while Russell pulled the wise move and just sat there) along with Peven Everett, who guests on the song. Vince Staples, Jehnny Beth, Twilite Tone and more joined the Gorillaz in the club to not give a damn about the impending events.

Watch the Raoul Skinbeck-directed video below.