Spacejam Bo – “Who Really Love Me?”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 11, 2017

Spacejam Bo is a rapper from Alabama who recently signed to the LVRN label, which has hosted the likes of 6LACK, Raury and others. He released a new song, “Who Really Love Me?” today, wondering who around him actually cares for him. Outside of his mom and one or two other family members, it seems like he has reason to doubt everyone else — especially when there’s money involved.

Bo said the song is a reflection of where he believes hip-hop is “supposed to be” right now, though I’d argue there’s not one set structure on what hip-hop is. “I want to be the person people go listen to when they’re going through life,” he said in a press email. “Everybody is too cool now. Rapping about diamonds and smoking drugs. … Rap should inspire people to be great. I came from nothing. I’m gonna tell them a story and lead them to be great, too.”

Listen to “Who Really Love Me?” below.