MC Bravado – “Try-Polar” (Video)

blame it on JES7 August 12, 2017

With MC Bravado‘s Hip-Hop* still in rotation, the Baltimore educator and rapper, whom has kept a busy schedule handling personal issues has still managed to find time to pump out visuals from the project, including “This Is Gold” with OnCue, “Dead Man’s Dream” co-starring his father and the SC-Staic-assisted “Human Torch.”

Each video stuck with the concept of their respected song, and with his latest Teddy Roxpin-produced video-single “Try Polar,” Bravado dives head first into the topic of various states of mental health, how to cope with them and pinpoint the triggers.

It’s easy to point a finger at someone dealing with depression; on the flipside, it’s only humane to share empathy with those bogged down from mental illness and help push those suffering through any hardships.

Everyone copes with depression, anxiety, and overall struggles with mental health at one point or another, despite some who still choose to gloss over it, failing to acknowledge the gravity of this epidemic with the sense of urgency it implores. The triggers, the solutions, the coping mechanisms, the risks for subsequent abuse, and the best route of treatment will always vary from one person to the next. The most important factor in the equation and perhaps the only net positive of these struggles is to foster empathy amongst one another as one of the human condition’s darkest and most powerful battles wages on. My own issues and subsequent problems with substances have caused me to hurt some of the individuals I care about the most and to damage certain relationships beyond repair; if left unchecked, my entire life would have been left in ruins, and I would not be here to tell the tale.

We’ve all heard of “bi-polar,” but in this song I’m telling you about three different versions of the same person/their worldview dependent upon how that person was choosing to cope. That doesn’t make that person “tri-polar” however, let’s settle on “Try-Polar” instead. Empathize with that struggle, and try to walk in that person’s shoes from each vantage point. That person is me, and what ultimately works for me may not work with you, but compassion will always be universal, so exercise it, and most importantly: keep trying.

Watch the Mike Jon-directed video below.