Audio Push Reveal ‘Last Lights Left’ Trailer, Release Date

blame it on Shake August 15, 2017

Audio Push‘s Last Lights Left album drops September 1st.

After announcing the album with a trippy ass video for “Planet Earth Is Live” last week, the Inland Empire duo are back at the DopeHouse with a release date, trailer and the official artwork.

“We decided to call this album the Last Lights Left because that is what we feel like we are to the music industry and sometimes the world,” Price told one of our sons at hnhh. “In a generation where everything is cool to be dark, satanic, killing in every other rap bar, No creativity or originality in the music, fake people [and] fake winning, we just realized we are the last lights to shine on the darkness.”

Everyone has battles with light and dark. This is theirs.

  1. “Last Lights Left”
  2. “God Speed”
”Victory (More Wins)”
  3. “Planet Earth Is Live
  4. “Window Seat”
  5. “Big Bets”
”Soledad Story”
  6. “The Gamble”
  7. “Stay”
  8. “Grits”
  9. “Rodney’s House”
  10. “Saye the Sinners”

Pre-orders for Last Lights Left available now on iTunes.