P Reign Preme Returns With “Tango”

blame it on Meka August 24, 2017

One of Drake‘s longest friends, P Reign has decided to reintroduce himself with a new moniker: Preme. With a deal with RCA Records on his plate, he has released the first single from his debut album with the label, “Tango (Go).”

“When I started the album, I had been in the studio a bunch but hadn’t made anything I loved. My engineer started joking around telling me to ‘be Preme,’ cause at my core, that is who I am,” the Canadian rapper explains. “I have been Preme as long as I have had friends. It could have been a coincidence or perfect timing but it just started to click, and to be honest I believe that most things in life are mental, so if you think and believe it, it usually happens. The first record I recorded was ‘Tango (Go)’ and it felt like me, it felt like Preme. It was at that point I pretty much decided I was going to start rapping as Preme.

“I think in the back of my mind I always thought I would go back to Preme eventually. I have been having this debate since I put out Dear America in 2014, but when I started making this album, approaching it with Preme in mind, I knew that was it. It sounds corny but I am really excited for people to hear the album, finally. I would hype it up, but I just ask that you listen and take it in – I think the music will speak for itself.”

Allow him to (re-)introduce himself, below.