Smino Showcases St. Louis Roots In ‘Day Zero’ Documentary

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 28, 2017

This year has easily been the most fruitful of Smino‘s young career thus far. For many who were recently introduced to the St. Louis native through appearances on playlists on Apple Music or Spotify, or through stumbling on his Blkswn album on half-year “Best Of” lists, they may not know much about 25-year-old. A new documentary, Day Zero, is here to help.

Produced by Mass Appeal, the 24-minute film follows Smino and his Zero Fatigue crew (Monte Booker, Ravyn Lenae, Jay2, Bari) around St. Louis showcasing where they’re from.

“I make music for my people, 100 percent,” Smino opens the documentary before footage transitions to Smino on stage of his homecoming show of his headlining tour appreciating the fans for the opportunity they’ve given him.

It wasn’t always roses, though, which is what the documentary really dives into. He left St. Louis a couple years previous for Chicago in search of a better musical outlet, talent pool and opportunity. “I left on some desperate shit,” he said. “The way I left St. Louis, I got a bag and a place to sleep. And the place I had to sleep was a small booth in this place called the Music Factory.” His family and friends are scattered throughout informing the public of little Smino’s musical talents that developed as a kid in the church and on tracks with his older cousin.

Watch Day Zero, directed by Harrison A.W. Corwin, below.