Audio Push Take It Back To Day 1 In ‘Last Lights Left’ Documentary + Album Out Now!

blame it on Shake August 31, 2017

Earlier today, before Audio Push released Last Lights Left, the duo wanted to take fans back to Day 1 with an accompanying documentary.

From start to finish, past to present, the duo of Bow and Oktane take it back to the days on the basketball courts of Clement Middle School in Redlands, CA where they first linked up and brings us all the way to the present, sharing the trials and tribulations they’ve faced along the way.

Lace up your chucks and take a walk through the I.E. below.

Now that you’ve seen their journey, Audio Push present their new album, Last Lights Left. Locked in at 12 tracks, Bow and Oktane skip the features and handle the project by themselves. Check it out below and pick up a copy on iTunes or your preferred platform.

  1. “Last Lights Left”
  2. “God Speed”
  3. “Victory (More Wins)”
  4. “Planet Earth Is Live”
  5. “Window Seat”
  6. “Big Bets”
  7. “Soledad Story”
  8. “The Gamble”
  9. Stay
  10. “Grits”
  11. “Rodney’s House”
  12. “Save the Sinners”