NBA Player Victor Oladipo Made An R&B Song… And It’s Kind Of Good?

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 31, 2017

Victor Oladipo has had himself a tumultuous last year and a half. The team that drafted him, the Orlando Magic, traded him to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he hoped to play alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He only got to play with the latter, though, and Westbrook’s ball domination held him to averaging 15.9 points per game — the second lowest of his short career. He presumably was ready to put that season behind him and get more comfortable with the NBA’s MVP, only he was traded once again to the Indiana Pacers for Paul George, back to the state where he went to college. As if you could go to a city more plain than Oklahoma City.

Now, why are time (and words) being dedicated to Victor Oladipo’s life and career on 2DopeBoyz, your favorite source for all things hip-hop and worlds surrounding? Well, the shooting guard is also known amongst his fans as a pretty decent singer, and he’s now dropped his first single called “Song For You.”

“Song For You” is a rendition of Donny Hathaway‘s song of the same name, only he puts his own spin on the lyrics. I certainly don’t think you would’ve heard Hathaway sing, “I was alone, I met a women,she was a nasty girl/ said where did you learn that from, I never seen it in this world,” but alas. And being honest? The vocal effects make Oladipo sound a little like James Fauntleroy, and the singing talents are definitely there. Maybe we can get Fauntleroy to help him out with the pen.