Stream Open Mike Eagle’s New Album, ‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’

blame it on Shake September 14, 2017

Brick Body Kids Still Daydream.

Following his Hella Personal Film Festival project with Paul White last year, Open Mike Eagle returns with Brick Body Kids Still Daydream, his first solo full-length album since 2014’s Dark Comedy.

Described as a “searingly political record for systolic political times,” the album chronicles the life cycle of the Robert Taylor Homes, a housing project on the Southside of Chicago that was demolished ten years ago. And yes, the same projects Kendrick Lamar’s pops came from (“DUCKWORTH”).

Families that had lived under the same roof for three generations were forced to scatter, condemned by bureaucrats and faceless cranes and public indifference. On his new album, Mike Eagle brings the Robert Taylor Homes back to life—literally, with arms and eyes and a head like the dome of a stadium (you see the artwork)—and fights until the last brick is made to crumble.

Locked in at 12 tracks—including the singles “Legendary Iron Hood,” “95 Radios” and “Brick Body Complex“—the album boasts production from Exile, Caleb Stone, Kenny Segal, Has-Lo, DJ Nobody and a few others.

Check it out below and add Brick Body Kids Still Daydream to your preferred streaming platform.