Chris Rivers Just Wants The “Old Thing Back” In New Video

blame it on Shake September 15, 2017

Revisiting his Delorean project from earlier in the summer, Chris Rivers takes a card out of Common’s deck and pens a few verses about the good ‘ol days of Hip-Hop.

In an age where the Cash Me Outside girl is getting a record deal and Hip-Hop publications are putting artists with no respect for women on the highest of pedastools, Rivers just wants that “Old Thing Back.”

In the video, shot by GTvisionz, “Old Thing Back” paints parallels between an old love interest and the love many of us have for rap’s golden age.

I met this girl when I was six years old/ The thing I loved most, she had De La Soul and spirit/ Knowing the difference between hoes and women/ Flow so different, had bae once like Hov go near her/ She kept on Passing Me By, that girl is Poison/ Became a thorn in my side, I guess it’s Roses/ What you think yo’ shit smell like, I ain’t no OutKast/ But I couldn’t outlast, so the shit went south fast

Check it out below and pick up Delorean on iTunes.