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Saba Joins MFnMelo On “Lately”

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 18, 2017

The bond between member’s of Chicago’s Pivot Gang is strong. They certainly have a “when I win, you win” mentality, and when one reaps benefits, they all do. Saba, the de facto leader of the group to us outsiders, has always remained true to his core and where he’s from — the Westside of Chicago — and put fellow Pivot Gang members first like Joseph Chilliams (his brother) and MFnMelo, who just released a new song with Saba (he produced and featured on it) called “Lately.”

“The song is loosely about perspective,” Melo said in a press email, “and thinking back on the process it makes all the sense.” He runs through the song with a sense of worry and urgency due to “living in the present day” — he’s a young black man in America with a racist president who enables law enforcement who don’t give a damn about him. But nevertheless, it’s time to look to the future, as hard as that may be, as he and Saba continue to drive forward as artists.

“Lately” also features an outro from the late DinnerWithJohn, a fallen member of Pivot Gang. Keeping his memory alive, I’m telling you: when one member of Pivot Gang makes it, they all do.

Listen to “Lately,” which will land on MFnMelo’s Melodramatics album out October 2, below.