Nikki Lynette Releases ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ EP

blame it on Meka September 23, 2017

Nikki Lynette is crazy. No, seriously.

Her first project since 2011’s Roses N’ Guns 2, the Chicago artist has released the first in a three part series entitled “Happy Songs About Unhappy Things,” which will chronicle “the experience of being driven to a dark place and finding your way back from it.” “I’m releasing it in September because it’s the anniversary of when I tried to end my life,” Lynette explains. “I didn’t think I’d live to release new music. So it makes sense to kick off the project at a time that means something to me.”

Primarily self-produced, the likes of Da Internz (Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)”) and her her long time collaborator Matt Hennessy also contributes to the six-track EP. Stream it in its entirety below.