Rittz Releases ‘Last Call’ Album

blame it on 2DBZ September 28, 2017

Since the release of The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant in April of 2013, Rittz has released three albums under the Strange Music umbrella—including 2014’s Next to Nothing and 2016’s Top of the Line. And now, the southern spitter is back with his fourth (and final with the label), Last Call.

“It’s definitely been a positive thing, a great experience with Strange Music,” Rittz told XXL. “I learned so much from them. I’m just hoping to take what I learned from them, and all the fans, and everything they exposed me to and everything and take it further with me wherever it goes next. I definitely wanted to make sure on this last one I kept giving it my best.”

Equipped with his signature double-time flow and the deeply introspective lyrics we’ve become used to hearing from him, Rittz infused a sense of optimism into his new release, crafting a body of work that’s both personal, but also fun and inspiring.

“I wanted to touch people, but I wanted them to take away something positive,” Rittz says. “No matter what’s going on, whatever you’re going through, you’re going to overcome it. Through all of the darkness, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of the records have that theme to them.”

Led by “Indestructible,” the album is light on features, with Candice Freeman, Hitman Shawty and Kane appearing on just two of the 21 total songs.

Press play on Last Call below, add the album to your preferred streaming platform, and be sure to catch Rittz on the Last Call tour, with special guests Sam Lachow and Eric Biddines.

UPDATE: Rittz drops a video for “Down For Mine.”

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