IDK Sticks Up the “Pizza Shop” in Thrilling ‘IWASVERYBAD’ Video

blame it on Shake October 10, 2017

After making waves with his SubTrap and Empty Bank projects over the last two years, DMV rapper Jay IDK reemerged with “Baby Scale” this past August.

The first taste of his collaboration with Adult Swim, IDK’s new album IWASVERYBAD impacts this Friday, and the rollout has been anything but a dissapointment.

Following a video for “Baby Scale,” IDK revealed a tracklist featuring a random collective of DOOM, Swizz Beatz, Chief Keef, Del the Funky Homosapien, Thelonious Martin, and more. From there, he shared two-thirds of the album with a pair of episodic releases — tying together his plans.

“This project is the story of my life,” IDK says. “I like to look at each song as a visual that you watch with your ears.”

Staying on the visual front, IDK has now released a video for “Pizza Shop” with Yung Gleesh. The song also features DOOM and Del, but the video comes to an end before their respective parts start. So, expect a follow-up (and much more), as IDK refers to the entire release as a “30 minute TV show.”

“Listening is enough, but adding the visuals paints an even deeper picture,” IDK told p&p. “Some people will see the story a lot clearer when they see the visual. I don’t think everybody gets everything right away, but when you see something, it’s much easier to get it. I want people to get it. “Pizza Shop,” for sure, especially the second half needs to be seen.”

Based off the first part of “Pizza Shop,” we’re in for a treat.