Soul Khan – “Kafka”

blame it on Shake October 13, 2017

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Soul Khan, but the NY spitter is back with the heat.

Last heard on “Vandal Savage” with Audible Doctor, Soul returns with “Kafka,” a Katiah-laced gem named after Prague-bred novelist Franz Kafka. At least that’s what I’m guessing, as the author was known for using themes of existential anxiety, guilt and absurdity in his work. All of which, is present on “Kafka,” with Khan rattling off rhymes about the Cheeto in Charge, the youth’s obsession with lean, and just how freakin’ nice he is on the mic.

Or, maybe I’m completely off. Either way, the song is dope.

[Verse 1]
I’m in the lab like I’m Doctor Yacub
Cackling til my abdominals lose
All sensation, ’cause y’all been sayin you can walk in my shoes
Then I’mma lace my Timberlands with your bronchial tubes

I thought the Nazi would lose
And I’m embarrassed to say that
All the logical clues were never buried in hay stacks
I mean, them “make America great” hats
Ain’t the only reason that America ain’t that

“Peace, peace” said the wolf to the sheep
“Please don’t judge me by the bloody piece of wool in my teeth”
“Peace, peace” said the gun to the face, “I’m just looking for a comfortable place my bullets can sleep”

But the man that killed them said he ain’t felt hatred
The bodies looked warm and his blade felt naked
Every stray shell casing is like HL Mencken
Tinfoil ’round the head and brain cells vacant

I blink once
And I feel like the man
Then I blink again
And I feel like a roach
Then I drink once
And I feel like I can
But then I drink again
And I feel like I won’t

[Verse 2]
I think would feel more gelato
If I ain’t seen so many fiends doing that horizontal
Lean, she asked me,
“Please stick around, make sure my friend doesn’t die,”
No wonder I just smother my troubled mind with such a false bravado

Give me a magic 40 bottle that can pour moscato
‘Cause Lord if I know if I got that many more tomorrows
But if they ignore this then why should I record at all, though?
Maybe I’d have been more successful as an abortion model

So I don’t try to dialog with a direwolf
When the sky is full of dying gods who ain’t science proof
I’m more like Isaac Newton here to shine the light of truth
On why you’ve seen a fruit fly but never see a flying fruit

Unlike most of these dudes who Viola
Davis away with a 16 bit like side scrollers
I’m instilling skill in these kids like fine motor
‘Cause they don’t wanna live, they’re just trying to die slower


[Verse 3]
They told me go in with this
oblivious to the fact
Soul hideous
You ain’t gonna play me like an old mini disc
I’m as cold as a la mode on a swole titty nip
Show business slow but I’m Odysseus
Kept fronting, get nothing like you stole fizzy lift
You can get it if you really want
To quote Jimmy cliff
But no pity if and when I end your whole lineage