Find Life in Miles Bonny & Ta-ku’s Mindful ‘Let It Out’ EP

blame it on Shake October 20, 2017

Timing is everything.

Although he’s been making and releasing music for nearly 20 years, Miles Bonny is reaching my ears for the first time with his Let It Out EP and the timing couldn’t be better.

Currently, I’m in a place in my life where the future is more uncertain than it’s ever been and I’ve felt crippled by the fear of change, lost in my own thoughts of a false reality I’ve created. I have a feeling Miles was dealing with similar emotions in 2012 when he and his family (a wife and two daughters) packed up their Kansas City home and ventured down to Tres Piedras, New Mexico to live life with a more simplistic approach — in a solar-powered house they built, made of straw bales, adobe, and wood.

“I’m not lost in the matrix,” Miles said shortly after. “I am in the moment, experiencing what is happening right in front of me. Most people spend more time, trying to make more money to buy more things that they think they need. We need less, we spend less and we have so much more.”

Living in the moment. To some, it may come natural. To others, like myself, it’s more like an impossible goal that always seems just out of reach. It’s an everyday challenge. And after five years of life off the grid, Miles’ newfound freedom is driving him to help others find the same.

For his latest work of art, Miles Bonny has linked up with DopeHouse favorite Ta-ku for his Let It Out EP. Recorded during a time Miles was experiencing the oft-turbulent tasks of true adulthood, the record focuses on the life of a young father, underpinned by how we often bottle up difficult emotions and creativity when the pressures of today’s complicated world reach fever pitch.

Ta-ku’s warming, decompressed production provides the perfect canvas for Miles’ emotive and intimate lyrics to jump from the speakers and pierce through your soul.

“We all go through hard times, but between these dope beats and supportive vocals vibes, I hope this social work music feels like positive support from afar,” Bonney says.

For this writer, the support is appreciated. Like I’ve said, timing is everything. I’ve been doing this for over ten years now, and while finding the “next big artist” can be a fun challenge, it’s coming across music that truly makes an impact that I find the most rewarding. Even though there’s new projects by Blu & ExileEarthGang, and IDK I want to dig into to, Miles Bonny and Ta-ku’s Let It Out is the soundtrack I need right now.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some self-healing to do and Let It Out is the medicine. Feel free to join below and be sure to add it to your preferred streaming platform. Trust me, you’re going to want to revisit this.