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Redman & Just Blaze Return to The Combat Jack Show

blame it on Shake October 23, 2017

The latest episode of The Combat Jack Show comes with an unfortunate introduction: the show’s host and our dear friend Combat, the great Reggie Ossé, has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

“Out of seven years this was the only show I didn’t show up to record,” Combat begins. “And the reason why, is because I was hit with some real life shit. Couple months ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was rushed to the hospital and had some pretty severe surgery. I’m on the mend right now. And I’m about to jump on this journey to health with chemo. I say that to say ‘take care of your health.’ Your boy ain’t going nowhere, tho!” #CombatCancer

Although absent in the physical, Combat’s spirit was in full go-mode during the live audience taping of their latest episode with the return of Redman.

With A-King and honorable member of the show Just Blaze holding down hosting duties, Reggie Noble breaks down his involvement in VH1’s new Scared Famous show (premiering tonight), the status of Muddy Water 2 (we NEED that), still touring with Method Man, Blackout 3, his thoughts on the new era of rappers, and much more. Hit that play button and learn something.