2 Chainz Sleeps In A Bed Made From Superfluousness On ‘Most Expensivest’

blame it on Meka December 27, 2017

I’m not gonna lie: I spent a pretty penny on my bed a few years back, and it was all because of one night I spent at a W Hotel.

A few birthdays ago my Harlem apartment building caught on fire, and I would be displaced for several weeks before I was allowed back into my crib. So, in between spending weeks on either the floor of a friend’s Bushwick apartment or the couch of another’s deep in the middle of New Jersey, I decided to spend a weekend at the W. The bed there felt like it was made of clouds and angel wings, and — once I moved to Brooklyn — bought the bed I own today.

None of this pales in comparison to the chesterfield 2 Chainz finds on an episode of “Most Expensivest.” A Hästens mattress from Sweden, the bed is considered one of the best of its kind… and is made of horse hair. Naturally, the thing doesn’t come cheap: if you have $150,000 to spend, you can be its proud owner.