Skyzoo Delivers Fourth Album, ‘In Celebration of Us’

blame it on Shake February 1, 2018

Skyzoo SZN is upon us!

After riding through 2017 dealing Peddler Themes to the masses, Skyzoo kicks off Black History Month with the release of his fourth album, In Celebration of Us.

Dubbing the album his “most complex, most layered, and most important work to date,” Zoo described the album as a blend of Ta-nehisi Coates, Chappelle’s Show, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Blackish, the case of Sandra Bland, and the birth of Air Jordans.

“On this album, I wanted to tap into the present, more so than any other album of mine as far as full projects. Music of the times is the best way to describe it,” Skyzoo says. “From cultural appropriation and gentrification to police brutality and the irony of motives behind bigger motives, it’s an album that explores who we are and why we are where we are in society, as a people. What’s been done to us and what we’ve done to ourselves, mainly out of confused necessity, all while celebrating us in the process.”

Locked in at 15 tracks with zero rap features (because he’s got enough raps), In Celebration of Us boasts production from !llmind, Apollo Brown, Marc Nfinit, Cardiak, and more.

Peep the tracklist, press play below, and be sure to add In Celebration of Us on your preferred streaming platform.

  1. “Everybody’s Fine” (prod. Arte Mitchell)
  2. “Sound Like…” (prod. !llmind)
  3. Baker’s Dozen” f. Raheem Devaughn (prod. Apollo Brown)
  4. “Crown Holder” (prod. !llmind)
  5. “Heirlooms & Accessories” (prod. Tuamie)
  6. “Forever In A Day” (prod. Marc Nfinit)
  7. “Remembering The Rest” f. Words & Curves (prod. Skyzoo)
  8. “The Purpose” f. Kay Cola (prod. !llmind)
  9. “Love Is Love” (prod. Cardiak)
  10. “Black Sambo” (prod. !llmind)
  11. “Parks & Recreation” f. Saba Abraha (prod. !llmind)
  12. “Collateral” f. Jake&Papa (prod. Marc Nfinit)
  13. “The Stick-Up Tape From Menace” (prod. Ave Prod)
  14. “Hoodie SZN” (prod. Marc Nfinit)
  15. “Honor Amongst Thieves” (prod. Seige Monstracity)