Lil Dicky & Chris Brown Switch Bodies On “Freaky Friday”

blame it on Wongo March 15, 2018

Lil Dicky achieved mainstream success as the top comedy rapper with his 2015 debut album, Professional Rapper, which featured Billboard top-40 hit “$ave Dat Money.”

Since his debut, Dicky has stayed relatively quiet, collaborating with a few artists and dropping a project by his brain. Today, he’s back with a hilarious new single, “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown.

On the track, which was accompanied by an equally hilarious music video, Lil Dicky and Chris Brown enjoy their lives after switching bodies with each other. Dicky enjoys his new “lightskin black” lifestyle, excited he can “say the n-word” and Breezy enjoys his newfound privacy (pun intended). Returning to their original bodies, Dicky later switches bodies with Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner (who has a vagina he’s going to explore). The track serves as the lead single to Dicky’s upcoming album, set to drop later this year.

Watch the video below.