Rappers Doing Good: Vince Staples To Donate GoFundMe Proceeds To Michelle Obama Library

blame it on Meka March 15, 2018

What, did you really think that a GoFundMe campaign would make Vince Staples quit rap?

A refresher: Vince kicked off one of the wildest GoFundMe pages in recent memory. Dubbed #GTFOMD, if his “goal” of $2 million was reached Vince would have “shut the f**k up forever” and we’d never hear from him again. “No songs, no interviews, no anything.” He then would have used the money to move to Palmdale, CA, buy a Honda, buy a year’s supply of “soups for the homies locked down,” and buy a puppy.

Well, the lofty achievement wasn’t met, falling $1,997,978 short. So, instead, Vince released a new song, dubbed — naturally — “Get The F*ck Off My D*ck.”

Now, Vince will return the donated money to all of the contributors, then match their $2,022 with a donation to the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library (which opened in 2016) in Long Beach, CA.