Sene – “WhyWouldEye?”

blame it on Shake March 30, 2018

Guess who’s back?

Fresh off joining Blu and Nottz on “Yesterday” earlier this week, Sene returns with more raps for your earholes.

The first of forthcoming flood of new music, the Brooklyn resident offers an update on his life over his and DJ Bad Luck’s production with “WhyWouldEye?”.

Press play and follow along with the lyrics below.

put our love in cells everyday.

fuck ______ at the 61st precinct
(p)ut (o)ur (l)ove (i)n (c)ells (e)veryday thats what police is
i used to wild out on the frequent, shout out denitia
she used to pull my ass to side, tell me to leave it
i used to keep the shit i should hide inside the sneakers,
until they had me barefoot at night, cutting my feet and
ever since i showed up to school in jessica FILAS
i had to stop caring bout the things that were beneath us
then i was praying for something praying to jesus
but i could swear on a bible still nobody would believe it
so i don’t put merit in haters n on the day that
i get buried don’t be acting surprised that I’m wearing gators
don’t be surprised if i hunted, skinned it and made’em
n you could say he’s a killer, who killed it with what you gave’em
if you don’t believe in magic like blaine, angel n that shit
then look at where started to now n try to explain it
half man half amazing
its trials n tribulations of puerto rico and hatred
and euro trash … they said the middle class is fading
so what that make us, bitter now we taking to twitter to throw shade ‘n
i would love to see this cocksucker Trump in a debate but i can’t promise when it ended wouldn’t punch him in the face
this for treason, this for the women that you have raped (legals: ALLEGEDLY) this is patience
this is pain in my heart look at my face
if its me verse you pencil for dicks you get erased
its me vs the pence’s of earth, gimme some space
n when i answer god he’s not my chain, n if i got to do it again nothing would change

so yea, the hair changed, i shrunk my gold chain
i need a little less in my life, stress in my life
if all you give your shorty is dick n then she cheat,
it aint her fault you wasn’t sexing her right, i said it polite
no wonder why they sipping on syrup settled in sprite
they in a tunnel and ahead its no light,
the pedestal like: ball player, dope dealers, jordans,
more rappers, less activists, cause that aint important
they say the comments on my pictures, so flattering, gorgeous
so when the looks fade, what i got a cook cane?
when i got a good brain, plus I’m trine raise seeds
plus they want me doin shit for fame that just aint me
fuck a musical, my life is a musical…i don’t need apologists,
to polish my cuticles, you misrepresenting how my skin color lessens
what my worth is
everytime you shuck on stage what is the purpose
i aint wasting none of my talent, music, movies, or scripts
so when you got my name in ya mouth, say he’s the shit,
cause when you doing all the shit that you doing thats in my lane
you did the job, but its me they should pay, i paved the way
so why would i change